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Why You Should Change the Locks When Moving Your Home

August 22, 2019 by Bill Weingard  

Whether it’s your 1st home or you’ve moved many times, the mix of stress and excitement remains the same & it’s because of this that getting the locks changed to secure your new house often gets ignored. However, changing your locks should never be an afterthought & unless you knew the previous owners that occupied the property before you very well, then it’s not likely that you know precisely how many copies of the keys were made & who may still have a key to access your new house.

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Who else has a key?

Every year nearly 37,500 properties will have new occupants & most homebuyers will be absolutely unaware that at least one set of spare keys to their property will still be in circulation. According to a recent survey more than 58 percent of British residents allocate a spare set of keys to their house.

Another survey disclosed that twelve million adults have lost their keys up to 6 times in the last 10 years but still never got their locks changed.

If you don’t change your locks when moving or after losing keys, then you cannot be certain that your house is still secure. Another thing to take into account is that if you do discover yourself as a victim of a break in then you could find yourself in a problematic situation, sometimes insurers won’t process a claim if you did not have the locks changed when you initially moved into your property, as the way they see it you have not done enough to appropriately secure your property to prevent a break-in.

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By simply rekeying your locks or upgrading them to more secure locks you’ll have peace of mind that you know exactly who has access to your property & that you’ve upgraded your house security measures so you and your household can feel a lot  safer and be secure in your new house.

Other Reasons to Change Locks

  1. Can you easily exit the property through doors and windows in the event of an emergency?
  2. Does your property have adequate security?
  3. Do you have the keys to all doors and windows?
  4. Broken or damaged Locks

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