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Solar Powered Golf Cart

August 22, 2019 by Amy  







Introduction of Solar Powered Golf Cart

Solar powered golf cart’s body is made of high strength composite materials and she has luxurious appearance, excellent chassis design, the front windshield adopt high-grade automotive safety glass, clear and open vision , also interior is luxury, spacious and comfortable cabin.All those advantages will make the passagers feel safety without free. 
Solar powered golf cart is developed from the combination of automotive engineering and modern bionics, and human engineering. Front circumference arc design, equipped with a large screen windshield, bulit a wider field of vision, but also show the elegant style of the vehicle. Its suitable for tourist attractions, parks, real estate property, community gardens, large enterprises and institutions, entertainment venues, sports venues, colleges, hospitals, nursing homes, stations, airports, docks and other fields, is the best means of transport, energy saving, convenient and comfortable, make your work and life more wonderful.

Parameters of Solar Powered Golf Cart

Model GS5/PV-511
Passenger capacity 11
Max Load (kg) 960
Maximum speed (km) 45
The braking distance (m)≤2.5
Minimum turning radius (mm ) ≤6.5
Max climb 26%
Outline dimension (mm) 4800*1550*2030
Solar panel (mm) 2760*800
Track (mm) 1320/1330
Wheelbase (mm) 3250
Motor power (kw) 4
Mileage (km) 120-150
Total Weight (kg) 1300

Pictures of Solar Powered Golf Cart

golf cart