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Secret to years of Car shine: Nano Ceramic Coating and its Benefits

August 22, 2019 by Detailing Devils  

A car is the second dearest property you invest your money on after your house. It goes without saying how important it is to protect it.


Well, you have insurance for your car but what about its paint? Nobody wants to drive in a car which has a dull paint right? Don’t you want to make your car to look glossy and new? Always?


Detailing Devils have a whole array of services just for that. We provide the Best Ceramic Coating in Delhi. Your car can now brighten up with the world class shine and you can drive in with the most satisfied smile and comfort.

Paint correction & protection services are basically done on your car’s paint surface to make it shinier and protect it from many environmental harms.


Enjoy the feel of a brand new car after Detailing Devils services.

Our services remove


·         Deeper Swirls

·         Minor Scratches

·         Oxidation

·         Layer of Road Tar

·         Road Grime

·         Contaminants chipped to paint layer

·         Pollutants

·         Flimsy layer of dust sheet


After these are removed your vehicle is left with a bright luster which makes your vehicle look glossy new. However, our paint correction service is applied one more time with specific shiners and polishers which enhances the vehicle’s shine even more.


Then and then only, the 9H DNA nano ceramic is applied to your vehicle which saves your vehicle paint from

Ø  Harsh Sunlight

Ø  Acid Rain

Ø  UV Rays

Ø  Fading & Dullness

Ø  Bird Droppings

Ø  Mud & Dirt

Ø  Road Chips


And the list doesn’t stop here. Our nano ceramic coating protects your vehicle from all these for 5 long years.

Our new variant 9H DNA Evolution protects your car paint for 7 years, the best Car Coating in India to date. Something nobody is offering in the market right now!


Choose the best services for your car from our handsome collection. We even have vehicle wash and vehicle detailing packages which are pocket-friendly and makes your car shiny just the same.

To know more contact us at Detailing Devils, the best automotive detailing provider.