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Opt for a Casablanca Car Hire & Enjoy the City of Architectural Wonders

August 23, 2019 by Tanamecars  

Although Casablanca is Morocco’s commercial hub, the city’s unique combination of French colonial legacy and traditional Arab culture offers diverse vibe for visitors to experience here. Alongside with highly decorative buildings, spectacular old stone medina alleys, extraordinary museums, beautiful mosques and more; visitors here can enjoy some of most scenic views with addition of a professional Casablanca car hire that they ever going to experience.

Hassan II Mosque

Book your car hire in Casablanca and get ready to view the alluring scenes of world’s second largest mosque, the iconic Hassan II Mosque. This beautiful mosque is open to non-Muslims with guided tours. The mosque can accommodate at least 25,000 worshipers at a single time to pray directly facing over the sea. The beautiful and special courtyard of Hassan II Mosque can accommodate 80,000 further people.

Place Mohamed V

How about a Casablanca car hire to Place Mohamed V!!! It’s the central plaza of Casablanca. The home of city’s almost every crucial official building; Place Mohamed V offers superb view to countless modernized and neo-Moorish style buildings, amazing foundations, well-tended gardens and more.

La Corniche

Located near to Hassan II Mosque, the beach front district La Corniche offers excusive beach access, dining experience and pool fun. The heaven for surfers, sunbathers and swimmers, La Corniche is the perfect holiday escape in Morocco. Book your Casablanca car hire and get ready to experience a full package of entertainment.

Morocco Mall

As one of the biggest Shopping centers in entire Africa, Morocco Mall is a modern hub that offers outstanding entertainment to any age and group of people. With extensive range of world-class shops, variety of food options, indoor aquarium, beautiful fountain display, indoor ice skating & fairground, and more. Morocco Mall is a must for all Casablanca visitors.

Moroccan Judaism Museum

In the Arab world, this unique Museum of Moroccan Judaism offers insight into the history, traditions, religion and day to day life of Jews within Moroccan civilization. You can easily reach the famous museum with a car hire in Casablanca to experience the Jewish experience on Moroccan society.

 Villa des Arts Museum

As one of Morocco’s primary foundation of culture, the Villa des Arts is the largest museum in Casablanca and situated near to Parc de la Ligue Arabe. It offers stunning contemporary arts combined with Moroccan heritage and culture. This art museum features more than 800 masterpieces permanently, combined with temporary exhibition of renowned contemporary and international artists.

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