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Professional COD Analyzer

August 23, 2019 by Amy  







Introduction of Professional COD Analyzer

Professional COD Analyzer is the use of sealed catalytic digestion, and then colorimetric measurements. The instrument uses advanced, narrowband interference technology and microcomputer automatic processing of data, direct display. The instrument is widely used in environmental monitoring, wastewater treatment and universities, research institutes and other departments.

Feature of Professional COD Analyzer

1. Professional COD Analyzer with digestion device, does not affect measurement accuracy. PID automatic temperature control, automatic timing. 
2.High-performance ultra-low power 16 bit microcontroller, standby time of the instrument is up to six months or more. 
3.Operation save time, COD digestion just 10min. 
4.Cold light, narrowband interference optical system, good optical stability. 
5.Data power protection. 
6.COD can be saved for each standard curve 50 and 199 measured values (with a time label with the year, month, day, hour, minute and second values of COD, absorbance and transmittance) 
7.With a USB port, you can join the computer to record read. 
8.LCD large-screen LCD for easy and intuitive operation. 
9.Host chassis with molded ABS material, IP65 design, waterproof and dustproof performance. 
10.With calibration tube function, eliminating the optical differences digestion tubes, to ensure accuracy. 
11.Optional printing function and emergency backup battery.

Parameters of Professional COD Analyzer

Measurement range of the Professional COD Analyzer: COD: 5 ~ 2000mg / L, exceeding the dilution determined. 
Indication error: COD: Indication error ≤ ± 5% 
Repeatability: ≤ 3% 
Resistance to chloride interference: ≤ 2000mg / L 
Temperature control system: room temperature ~ 180 ℃ can be set, COD digestion 
temperature of 165 ℃. 
Temperature control accuracy: ± 1 ℃ 
Temperature control time: 1 ~ 999min adjustable 
Digestion time: 10min. 
Optical stability: Instrument absorbance values drift less than 0.002A within 20min 
Batch capacity: four water samples (or optional 16 water samples) 
Dimensions: COD analyzer 80mm × 230mm × 55mm 
Digestion device 105mm × 160mm × 90mm 
Weight: 0.5kg digestion device, Host: 1kg 
Host power consumption: current <40μA; digestion power consumption: <65W 
Normal conditions of use: 
Ambient temperature: 5 ~ 40 
Relative humidity: ≤ 85% 
Power supply: Host: 4 piece 5 # batteries 
Digestion device: Car power adapter or 220V power supply(battery or optional power supply) 
no significant vibration and electromagnetic interference, avoid direct sunlight.

Pictures of Professional COD Analyzer

Professional COD Analyzer