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Become a shipbuilding engineer: Qualities required

August 23, 2019 by James Wilkins  

A good naval engineer must first and foremost possess real expertise in a specific area. It allows him to take part in large-scale projects and to showcase his knowledge and know-how at a key moment in construction. Brought to work in a group, the naval engineer must have a taste for teamwork. It may be necessary to manage a staff sometimes numerous. Thus, his relational ease, communicative skills and pedagogy allow him to manage men.

Organized, rigorous and fine manager, he makes every effort to ensure that his intervention in the manufacturing process contributes to the success of the project. In a sector where the delay is very expensive, he knows how to manage his time and his stress. Finally, in addition to having a very good level in computer science, he speaks English, essential language on construction sites.

Shipbuilding Engineer: career / possibility of evolution:

The shipbuilding engineer can work in small craft structures as well as large shipbuilding companies. He works either in a design office surrounded by a collaborator, or on a construction site to manage a team. Once graduated from a major school, the shipbuilding engineer can hope to evolve, whether in a design office or manufacturing plant. All while moving from one service to another and specializing over the years.

Gross monthly salary of a beginner:

 It is expected to be 2500 $

Becoming a shipbuilding engineer: training needed

Before going to a Marine Institute In India, compulsory passage to become a shipbuilding engineer, a 10+2 is needed. These engineering colleges are open to competition directly after the 10+2 e, after a preparatory class, or even after certain university degrees.


Several Marine Engineering Colleges that do not have a strong naval vocation, however, allow access to this profession.

Mission: Shipbuilding Engineer

In the shipbuilding engineering profession, it is all about specialization. The size of the shipyard is also important and contributes to the presence of one or more engineers in charge of the design. Between research, architecture, mechanics and production, many specialists follow one another at the bedside to perform various missions. Here are the most important ones:

  • find the best technical solutions to put in place
  • carry out the plans for the design of the ship
  • arrange to send estimates and plans to the people concerned
  • make the different parts of the boat following close drawings and order requirements
  • take charge of equipment development: electricity, propulsion, and lighting, sound system?
  • ensure good logistic of the shipyard and perfect compliance for the client

The shipbuilding engineer from Top Merchant Navy Colleges in India is therefore an expert who must provide specific solutions to the various technical problems related to the shipyard. Depending on the size of the latter, specialization becomes an obligation.

Who can do Merchant Navy Courses?


To do Merchant Navy Courses After 12th student must pass 10+2 with at least 50 % marks and must have physics, chemistry and math as compulsory subject in their 10+2.