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Realize The Keys To Oversee Worry In Your Day by day Life To Control Hypertension

August 26, 2019 by Julio Licinio  

Stress has a key role to play in high blood pressure though it is not proven yet. Dr. Julio Licino, the vice president of Academic and Health Affairs is working on this field for the last 9 years. According to him, although there is no established fact of the connection between stress and high blood pressure, it has been seen that reducing the stress can help in general health along with hypertension.


In most of the cases, the stress can happen due to poor diet, smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol which is also a common cause for hypertension. Dr. Julio Licino has seen that when his patients have reduced their stress level, the high blood pressure is reduced along with it. So here we will talk about how to reduce stress:


1. Sleep Is Important: In case you have inadequate or poor sleep pattern, then it can harm you more than anything. Lack of sleep affects the mood, energy level, mental alertness as well as physical health negatively.


2. Relaxation Technique: Dr. Julio Licino has highly recommended meditation as the best way for muscle relaxation. The deep breathing exercises and yoga are two powerful instruments that relax your mind, muscle and body working as the stress buster.


3. Time Management: You must know how to manage your time so that you can do everything on time. You can use the time in some creative hobby or quality family hours so that your tension will go away.


4. Social network: You need to activate your social network but not virtually. Take a class or do some group activities in order to refresh your mind.


5. Treat Yourself Well: You are the most precious gift of nature. When you believe that you will love to nurture yourself and there is other stress buster as effective as it. You need to eat slowly by focusing on the sensation of the taste of food to relish each bite. After the day’s work take a walk listening to your favorite music to rejuvenate yourself.