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LED Environmental Monitoring Display

August 27, 2019 by Amy  

Introduction of LED Environmental Monitoring Display

Environmental monitoring display is a professional for indoor environment noise monitoring display device, suitable for factory floor, dance halls, studios, cinemas and other public places. It uses high brightness, high temperature full dot matrix LED light emitting module, in accordance with the user's request through the elaborate appearance of structural design, superb technology to produce, very convenient, and it including: structural modeling, shape, material selection, Auxiliary function settings (such as: mobile subtitles, advertising, etc.)

Parameters of LED Environmental Monitoring Display

1, the microphone: 1/2 inch electret test microphone
2, the frequency range: 20Hz ~ 10kHz
3, the measurement range: 30dB ~ 130dB
4, the use of temperature: -10 ℃ ~ +60 ℃
5, the display rate of 1 times / sec
6, reference sound pressure level: 94.0dB
7, power: 220V AC mains, power consumption <100W power consumption (according to the type of screen and the size of different power consumption)
8, screen body: point density Φ3.75 full dot matrix LED dual color
9, display content: (can increase the flow of subtitles, time display)
A: instantaneous value A sound level (display the number of bits and color can choose)
B: instantaneous value A sound level and continuous equivalent sound level Leq value (can be arbitrarily set time)
C: noise alarm setting (more than the set value color conversion tips, color can be selected)
10, the accuracy level: in line with GB3785 and IEC651 standard on the type of machine requirements
11, the size of choice: a single module size: (L × H) 304mm × 152mm patchwork.
Such as: (length L × height H × thick T) mm: 304 × 152 × 100; 608 × 152 × 100; 608 × 304 × 100;
608 × 456 × 100; 608 × 608 × 100; 912 × 152 × 100; 912 × 456 × 100;
960 × 304 × 100

Photos of Environmental Monitoring Display

environmental monitoring display