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Qualities of a Responsible Mississauga Electronics Recycling Company

August 28, 2019 by com2electronicsrecycling  

According to a survey, more than 80% of old computers and electronic products end up as high-tech electronic waste in under-development countries like Africa, India and China. Keeping that in mind, we need to act as responsible citizens of the earth and select Mississauga electronics recycling companies with care and caution. We should make sure that the recycling company we are choosing runs a socially responsible and environment friendly operation only. Let us learn how a responsible Toronto electronic recycling company is like.

Things to look for in a recycling company

To understand the working of an e-recycling company, you must take a look at the way it generates its revenues, the way it reclaims any precious metals in the products, the way it recycles materials, and the way it manages de-manufacturing of any toxic and low-value elements in the electronic goods.

·         During the reclamation process of the precious metals, responsible battery recycling Toronto companies would create a safe working environment for its workers, providing them with the proper protecting gear and equipment.

·         They would try their best to prevent environmental pollution by following proper procedures for the waste treatment as well.

·         They would use special de-manufacturing equipment that would not allow dust to escape into the environment and also keep the workers protected from harmful materials.

·         They would not allow their workers to use their bare hands or use primitive tools like hammers or chisels to extract precious materials from old electronic items.

·         They would not dump the final discarded elements into streams or rivers, or burn them in a swamp that cause significant issues to public health.

·         They would educate public and create awareness about e-waste crisis, and encourage people to de-manufacture and recycle. Look at their website and see how they are engaged in creating this awareness among the masses.

·         They have the proper permits to carry out the battery recycling Toronto processes, and have the proper de-manufacturing machines to keep their workers safe and sound. They also have health monitoring systems through which they can keep a track of their workers’ health and the work environment safety.

The most dangerous materials found in electronic goods are the toxic, low-value materials found in them. Examples include mercury found in flat screens and switches, brominated flame retardants found on cables, plastic casings and printed circuit boards, etc. These materials are costly to extract during the de-manufacturing process. That is why, many recycling companies skip this step. You need to find the Mississauga electronics recycling company that is responsible enough to bear this expense instead of opting for the easier process of global dumping.

Now that you know how a responsible electronics recycling company looks like, keep these things in mind while handing over your old electronic goods to them.

Com2Recycling is a socially responsible Mississauga electronics recycling company addressing the issue of global e-waste crisis in the most effective manner. When they receive your old electronic items, they use high-end processes and equipment to de-manufacture them, extract valuable materials from them, and dispose non-recyclable components in an environment-friendly way.