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Do You Know the Unhealthy Effects of Teeth Grinding?

August 28, 2019 by Dylan Joseph  

If you are suffering from teeth grinding then it is clinically known as bruxism. It is the action of grinding and clenching of the teeth (unconsciously or consciously) either throughout the day or while you are going to sleep. Bruxism Symptoms is measured both a dental and a medical problem. It not just affects the condition of your teeth but even the supporting nearby structure.


Typically, grinding happens throughout sleep. If you have ever had a loved one or roommate that grinds their teeth, you understand how appalling grinding teeth can sound. It may be extreme or mild. The excessive side of teeth grinding can be so irritating...it can drive chills down your backbone. It can be only as inconvenient as someone snoring in your room. In case the grinding is terrible enough it can wake some others in the room.

People grind their teeth for some reasons. Some doctors think most of the people grind their teeth because of stress.

Grinding or clenching teeth is fairly normal in kids as well. It is noticed most normally in children under the 5 years of age. Nobody exactly knows why they develop this propensity, but it can be because of their upper and lower teeth not being perfectly aligned, tooth eruption, earache or also stress- possibly from tension or strife at home or any other change in lifestyle. You should carefully observe Jaw Clenching Symptoms.

As teeth of kids are not yet permanent, usually they outgrow grinding. Everlasting adult teeth will restore their baby teeth and would be much better and stronger aligned. Though, since your permanent teeth are the teeth you have for your life, it is very much important for adults to be conscious of teeth grinding effects and tries suitable Teeth Grinding Treatment.

Even though teeth grinding should not be a real problem for health issues, there are lots of negative effects related with bruxism and Mouth Guard For Teeth Grinding can be a good solution.

Here are few effects of bruxism:

  • Teeth chipping
  • Wearing down of the biting area
  • Teeth Cracks
  • Extreme pain in the jaw joint
  • Fall down of hollowed teeth because of tooth decay
  • Teeth loosened
  • Inside cheek tissue chewing
  • Teeth Shortening
  • Tooth structure loss
  • Tooth loss
  • Headaches
  • Sensitivity in Tooth
  • Lesions
  • Gum recession

The thing is that most of the people do not know they are feeling pain from bruxism until signs of teeth grinding come into view.

Normally teeth grinding is bring to the attention of a person by their Teeth Grinding Specialist or room partner. These dentists are the first line of protection for bruxism because they can better assess what needs to be done to stop future issues. Diagnosis of Bruxism can be managed most efficiently at your nearby dental clinic. Throughout, the dentist’s diagnosis, he/she will examine you for tooth harm, fractures, sensitivity and harm to any earlier dental work- like crowns.

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