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Why choose parquet for a room?

August 29, 2019 by Glain max  


Bambus Parkett is indoor or outdoor flooring made of strips of wood. It is very popular for its aesthetics and robustness. Find out why to choose parquet for a room?

Choosing a Woven Parkettboden for a room has many advantages:

- It is a sturdy coating that has good durability over time.
- Its renovation is very easy. Indeed, if you have tired of the floor in your room, nothing prevents you from sand, vitrify or oil to change the appearance.
- The room is not a very important passage, you can afford the finest parquet with soft or medium wood species.
Parquet is a warm coating, so you can walk barefoot without getting cold.
- There are many finishes and colors available to fit all room decorations.
- If the maintenance of your floors is an unacceptable criterion, there are floors very easy to clean.
- With parquet, no allergy problems encountered with carpet for example.

Carpet or parquet?

The first type is solid Bambus Terrassendielen. It is made of 100% wood. Very authentic, however, it is less and less common, gradually replaced by parquet flooring.

The laminated parquet consists of 3 layers. The first two are made from wood derivatives and the most superficial, or wear layer, is the one that will give the floor its appearance. It is particularly interesting because it is less sensitive to humidity than solid parquet and easier to install.

Finally, laminate is the third type of parquet, which is however not made from wood. It is a coating that mimics wood on paper and is covered with resin. It is also more and more popular because it is very affordable. In addition, it is available in different finishes and colors possible.

There are several possible finishes for parquet. The first is none other than the raw parquet that is to say without finishing. This allows you to cover it as you see fit.

Another possibility is the varnished or glazed finish. It facilitates maintenance while avoiding scratches and allows a glossy or matte rendering.

You can also choose oiled Bambusfurnier that offers authenticity and simple maintenance, although regular. Finally, there is also a waxed finish. It is very traditional but requires more complicated maintenance. As for the colors, there are many. This goes from the clearest, which will illuminate the room, the darkest, bringing a touch of warmth.