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Know here about white/light washable at 40 ° C:

August 29, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

Older stains may require pre-treatment with oxygen bleach. Moisten stain and cover with liquid bleach. Never allow these bleaches to work directly for more than 15 minutes. Fibers and colors could be attacked. If you do not want to wash immediately, you can stop the reaction by rinsing with water well. Allow to air dry until washed, so that no moldy spots form.

Intense stains such as blueberry or dandelion stains require intensified pretreatment.

How to increase the bleaching effect?

As suggested by laundromat near me, place the damp stain over a glass of very hot water. Apply a bleach-containing product and cover with a glass dish. The pre-treated stain should not dry out and wash with water after 15 minutes at the latest.

Please do not expose stain plus bleach to the sun to avoid yellow spots. The cause of these hardly removable stains is an oxidation of the optical brighteners, which are either already contained in the textile or are absorbed by the detergent on the fibers.

White/light wash 30 ° C:

Always do a spot pretreatment with bleach-containing pre-wash paste, spray or liquid bleach, as the bleaching effect is low at this wash temperature.

Multi Colored-wash:

In the case of colored laundry, this selective pre-treatment with bleaching agents can lead to brightening, although most textile dyes today are relatively resistant to oxidation.

The result will be more even if you wash with color detergent plus bleach additive. Choose a liquid bleach, as poorly resolved stain salt can lead to bleach stains. Alternative: Dissolve the stained salt in water first. Possibly. It is also necessary to soak 2-3h in the detergent plus the half dosed amount of oxygen bleach and then wash first. You can wash with soaking water but add some more bleach.

For substances that are not stable to color, laundromat near me recommends a color-preserving pre-treatment without bleaching effect:

- Massage in solid or liquid gall soap, leave for at least one hour.

- Soak the stain for 1-2 h in 3% citric acid solution.

- Delicates, wool, washable silk.

Mild detergent plus mild liquid bleach, but the product must be suitable for wool and silk. Make sure that the liquid bleach is suitable for protein fibers.

Pretreatment with liquid bleach, liquid gall soap or 3% citric acid solution is also possible.