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Reliable And Guaranteed Passenger Elevator Selection

August 30, 2019 by odson don  

    Nowadays, the use of elevators is becoming more and more extensive, and there are many places in use, such as hospitals, supermarkets, and residential areas. Since the range of passenger elevators is so wide, how do we choose مصعد الركاب?

    1. When selecting, make sure that the hoistway environment and size used by the elevator meet the requirements. If it has not started yet, please design the map or ask the elevator manufacturer to plot. They will give the elevator specifications according to the building area, such as the rated load. , rated ladder speed, etc.

    2. If the hoistway is ready-made, you need to select the brand of the elevator first. Please ask the brand manufacturer or agent technician to measure the hoistway on the spot. Then determine the elevator size according to the size of the hoistway. Finally, the inquiry is made. If the price is right, the purchase contract is signed.


    When selecting an elevator, first ask for the quality of the elevator equipment, and then pay attention to the level of installation and commissioning, and then the maintenance and management of the reasonable and timely. Through the above matters, choose a suitable and secure passenger elevator.