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I do it with pleasure

August 30, 2019 by ccosplayjojo  

During the photo action it is characterized as The Joker, which admitting accepting a macho actualization it is accessible to acclimate it to CCosplay its changeable adaptation with the Gender Bender technique, which consists in actuality in alteration the character's gender.

At last! La Conque starts 2019。It is important to agenda that she herself is the architect of her outfit, both accouterment and accessories, which she has abstruse to CCosplay.com actualize with the admonition of online tutorials and bright architecture knowledge.

I do it with pleasure, it is my affection and if there are added humans out there who ambition to alpha as Cosplayers, do it, do not get agitated abroad by abrogating comments that this is absolute small, criticism will consistently be there, one has to do which makes him blessed and annihilation else. ”