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The easy home remedies to remove coffee stains:

September 4, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

Our grandmother knows many useful tips to remove coffee stains. Such tips also offered by laundromat near me in the following.

It probably already happened to everyone. The table is set, now the coffee is poured. For some reason, you bump into your cup and pour coffee on the good new tablecloth or the new rug. The anger is great. Now it is time to quickly but gently remove the brown coffee stains.

Remove coffee stains from clothing and textiles:

One can first try stains of coffee with the miracle cure to remove gall soap. If this does not work, dab the spot with a spirit soaked in spirit. From the edge to the middle edit, so that the stain does not spread and it does not come to edges. Then rinse the textile thoroughly.

Remove coffee stains from tablecloths:

First, prevent the coffee stain from entering the tablecloth. Take a tear-proof kitchen towel and press it on the stain. Please do not rub, so just spread it on the ceiling. Now the kitchen towel absorbs the coarsest traces. It is advantageous to put a small plate on it so that the cloth is firmly on the spot.

The further treatment of the coffee stain:

When covering the coffee table, make sure the plate stops with the coffee stain underneath. So the stain is quickly found again. Now prepare a solution of one-third Vanish and two-third of the water.

It is best to mix them in a cup. Take the plate and the kitchen towel from the coffee stain and pour the prepared solution on it. Now roll up the tablecloth and place it in a washbowl or sink. By rolling up the tablecloth there is usually no moisture left on the table. If this has happened, you can easily remove the traces with a kitchen towel.

Remove the last step when coffee stains:

Leave the rolled-up tablecloth with the coffee stain in the sink for a few hours, preferably overnight. It can then be done and washed in the washing machine quite normally with other things.

After the wash, no coffee stain will be visible. The elimination of coffee stains is in any case successful with Vanish action. Even if the stains are a bit older and stubborn, the best solution you have left is to use laundromat near me.