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Benefits of Dental Implants

September 4, 2019 by Flack Flores  

Dental implants have become an ideal tooth replacement solution. Most people enjoy the replacement method due to the numerous benefits it has to offer. The dental implant technology has improved and thus you get to benefit from the procedure. If you are still undecided on whether you should go to the dental implant dentist near me, then here is some information to help you make up your mind.


Candidates for Dental Implants

In case you had a wisdom tooth extraction near me, have one or more teeth that are missing, decayed or broken teeth, then you may opt for a dental implant. If you do not want to go for dentures, porcelain veneers in Houston Tx or dental bridges, then the implants will be an ideal solution.

If you qualify to have implants, then you here are just some of the benefits you stand to get when you go for the procedure.

They are like natural teeth

One advantage of the implants and invisalign near me is that they look just like natural teeth. You will be unable to tell the difference between the implant and natural teeth. You can eat like you would normally. You can also brush and floss regularly.

Lasts a lifetime

The implants will last you for long time. They are capable of lasting a lifetime. The implants have been made with titanium which integrates with the jawbone. It is also not rejected by the body since it is non toxic. All of this makes it an excellent replacement for your damaged tooth.

Prevent bone loss

The other benefit you enjoy when using implants is that they prevent bone loss. The jaw bone in the area with no tooth usually deteriorates with time. It deteriorates because there is no stimulation. The bone continues to lose its volume over the years. An implant is an ideal solution since it replaces the tooth. The chewing will also be restored normally. The implants also provide the bone with the needed stimulation.

Keeps adjacent teeth stable

When there is a gap due to a missing tooth, the adjacent tooth can shift towards the gap. Such an action will affect the way you bite. It with also affect your facial appearance.

Prevents premature aging

Facing sagging can be caused as bone loss which is a result of missing teeth. You may notice the lower third of your face beginning to drop. The changes will lead to thinning lips, wrinkles around the mouth, and result in a pointed chin. It will make you look older than your age.

Dental Implants will give you an excellent experience compared to dentures or traditional metal braces. Dentures may begin to slip and can be uncomfortable with time. It is also not easy to keep the dentures stable. Dentures also provide a poor chewing experience. You may be forced to limit your intake of some foods.

If you were still undecided on whether to choose between dentures and dental implants, now you know what to choose. You will enjoy the above benefits when you have the implants done with the best cosmetic dentist Houston.

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