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Remove acrylic paint, paint color & emulsion paint:

September 4, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

Learn here how to remove emulsion paint, the best tips suggested by New York Dry Cleaning service. Also, remove acrylic paint and gently remove paint color from clothing and clean clothes.

Fast action with emulsion paint:

To get stains of emulsion paint or acrylic paint from clothing, you have to do one thing above all else: act quickly. Because once the spots have dried, it is almost impossible to save anything.

Therefore, one should not give clothes soiled with emulsion paint to the other dirty clothes in the linen but treat them directly in the sink.

Home remedies against emulsion paint & acrylic paint:

You should immediately apply the following home remedy to be able to remove the stains as quickly as possible: stir a little sugar with water until a mushy mass is formed.

This mass is applied directly to the color patch. Then the fabric should be gently rubbed together to rub out the paint. In most cases, this helps easily and ensures clean clothes without residue.

Do not dye in stains of acrylic & emulsion paint:

It may sound tempting to simply stain the color stain with a color in the tone of the garment, but this will seldom bring about an acceptable result: For clothes soiled with emulsion paint can hardly be over-stained.

Dyeing is not possible as soon as the paint remains in the fabric, because dyeing dyes for fabrics of clothing are never covered by a painter's paint, as it is also much more intense and thicker in terms of the mixture.

Emergency Plan - If nothing helps with color spots:

If the trick with the sugar solution did not work out completely, there is still the possibility of rooting out. For this, you first take normal soap for the hands and cold tap water.

As suggested by the New York Dry Cleaning service, this is generally safe and cannot make anything worse. The soap is rubbed a little on the patchy spot on the garment and then brushed with a fingernail brush or a shoe brush over it. It is important that you do not rub too hard and only in one direction, so you prevent that you incorporate the color pieces only deeper into the fabric. And even if this does not help to get the garment clean again, it is only a matter of getting into the professional cleaning room or simply using the garbage bin or old clothes collection.