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How To Secure Your Home When You’re Away On A Vacation

September 5, 2019 by Hafid Saidi Alaoui  

Vacations are the best way to let go all of your worries and enjoy some much needed break. However, the best way to enjoy your vacation is by assuring that your house is protected while you’re far from it. Unoccupied & unguarded homes are at great risk for break-in. We talked to a professional locksmith in Raleigh NC on how homeowners can make their home protected while they they’re on vacation.

Make your house look occupied:

Intruders usually look for houses with no occupants – so regardless of if you are planning to be away for a few days, weeks, or even months, it is necessary to make it seem like your house is still occupied.


  • Ensure that your backyard is landscaped all through the time you’re far from home.
  • Have someone pick up your mail so that they don’t accumulate in the mailbox.
  • Have lights in your home on timers to make it look like there are activities going around inside it.
  • Ask a reliable friend to keep an eye over your house & let you know if they see anything doubtful.

Install remote surveillance:

Install a smart home security system that has remote video surveillance features. This technology let you view your house from any region in the globe by just logging into a website. Home security systems often come packed with monitoring services & motion detectors that mechanically get in touch with local authorities if a threat is detected.


Put your home on rent:

Many homeowners prefer to sublet or rent out their house when they’re away through sites like Airbnb. This is an excellent way to make some additional earning and make sure that your house won’t be left unoccupied when you’re away.

  • Ensure you know the renter by meeting them physically prior to handing over them the keys. It is necessary to have an idea of if they look reliable.
  • Put all valuables in a highly secure & hidden safe.
  • Document the state of your house with a time stamped picture prior to your leave to offer insurance in the circumstance of having to file a damages or theft claim when your come back.


Keep these points in your mind and you well be well on your ways to enjoying a vacation that is full of fun. Contact Swift Locksmith if you are looking for a professional Locksmith Service in Raleigh NC.

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