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Best Queen Loft Bed for Kids, Teens, and Guest Bedrooms

September 5, 2019 by NATIONAL HOME STORE.COM  

No matter where you live, odds are high that you’re short on space. This means trying to maximize the room that you have. Our queen loft bed may be the best solution for you. It’s true, well-made queen loft beds are having a moment, and not just because of their price point — or the arrival of micro-apartments. They look slick, free up space and help bedrooms put in overtime as home offices, vanities, and quiet reading nooks.

With families of four, we understand the need to sleep everyone in one room when visiting Grandparents or spending time in the summer/beach/vacation home. But, why scrunch up in a smaller twin size bed? We believe in sleeping comfortably, and the additional space provided in a queen loft bed allows everyone to stretch out!

You can even sleep up to six easily with the third optional trundle bed. Pile all of the grandkids or kids and their friends into one fun room! Design it the way you want it with three different color finishes - white, natural or chestnut.

As a solid wood loft bed, all of our designs are built with solid wood and safe Rock Lock systems, which ensure everyone sleeps up high safely. Our queen lofts beds are, in fact, are tested to withstand up to 1000 pounds.

We often focus on our twin and full-size beds for kids, but as they grow, so will their special needs. With the addition of our Queen Loft beds, now children, as well as teens and adults, have enough room to stretch out and sleep comfortably. It's all about clean lines on a traditional frame that will never go out of style.

Queen Loft Beds for Teen & Kids Rooms

We love loft beds for kids who love sleepovers, but if the room can't accommodate the height our Queen Loft beds are great options for sleeping two. Many kids' rooms also double as guest quarters when family or friends visit, so having a traditional bed in Queen size for your son's or daughter's room may make more sense.

Kids also love small details like finials on the bed ends that create a little character. Choose a taller footboard if you like the finished look and want to kids from rolling off the bed while playing.

Queen Loft Beds for Guest Bedrooms

If you are ready to outfit your guest bedrooms, then traditional bed designs are timeless, so you'll never have to change this look over time. Simply swap out bedding and decor as desired. Tested to withstand up to 1000 pounds, our Queen Loft beds easily accommodate adults.

If you're going for a more sophisticated look, we recommend our lower foot panel. It's a modern approach, creating a very clean design for guest bedrooms.

For more details about our queen loft beds, please call us at 1-800-707-0754.