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Smart design ideas for small spaces

September 6, 2019 by Glain max  


If you have small spaces in your home you have the opportunity to do something creative. Keep calm and follow these tips that will help you turn small spaces into very pleasant places to use.

In home design, it is important to think very well about what you need and prioritize, leave things aside and avoid accumulating objects that you do not use.

Avoid interior walls:

The idea of ​​removing interior walls that are not structural is a good design strategy to achieve a sense of spaciousness in small spaces.
Other advantages of not having interior walls are:

- It helps natural light to reach every corner of the house.
- Eliminate residual areas or unused corners, typical of the encounter between walls.

- Increase the sense of perspective and breadth, uncommon in small spaces.
-You save money by not building those walls, revoking them, painting them, etc.
In this way, you can gain light, spaciousness, and continuity throughout the house.

Transform walls into shelves:

A good interior design idea is to work the non-structural part and turn it into shelves to store everything you need. Shelves for books were included in the non-structural part of the walls.

Think vertically:

In architectural design, usually, when we think of our house we do it in square meters. That is to say in 2 dimensions: length by width.
A good idea for the design of small spaces is to think in cubic meters that are to say in 3 dimensions: length x width x height.
When thinking about winning a space in height, the heights are a very good solution. But, as we have said, you need a height that allows you to include an inter-floor.

Use of sliding doors:

Sliding doors are a good alternative to gain space, also in kitchen design.     

There are different types, either hidden between the wall or insight. A sliding door insight can become part of the decoration of the house. Using a sliding glass door helps to enter light into the room, gained amplitude.

Take advantage of the door and window frames:

While you are planning for simple house design, you should take advantage of the door and windows frames. 

Place shelves on the frames of your doors and windows allow you to gain space for all your books and notes that you did not have. The inconvenience could be the height and access to the shelves, but we all know that many things are not for daily use and that we only need every so often.