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September 6, 2019 by zhouyueyue  

How to Have a Successful Fundraiser Marketing Articles | March 6 Cheap Michael Roberts Jersey , 2006


The article describes the 5 most important things a fundraiser needs to consider to have a successful fundraising event.



To achieve a successful fundraiser you need to create awareness and excitement.


Some things to consider:

When planning a fundraiser the most important question you need to answer is: How much money do you need to raise? How many people do you have that can help carry out the fundraiser? When will the fundraiser start and when will it end? It is generally a good idea to have the fundraiser last 2 weeks or less. With a smaller window of opportunity, people are more inclined to act immediately.
It is important to get a commitment to the fundraiser the first time, and eliminate the need for a second sales pitch. Collect the payment at the point of sale. This eliminates the need to collect payment at the time of delivery and does not allow for lost revenue due to undeliverable product. What is the profit percentage allocated to the organization? Is your community aware of your organization Cheap Kenny Golladay Jersey , its activities, and why you need a fundraiser? You may want to send out press releases or flyers to increase awareness.

Does your group need: ? new uniforms?

money for a summer camp? specialized enrichment classes? to attend competitions?

Let them know the goal that your group is working toward.


All your communications should specifically state how much money you are trying to raise.


After the fundraiser has taken off and you have reached your goal, let the contributors know and thank them for their participation. This goodwill message will leave a positive image of your organization Cheap Jarrad Davis Jersey , and encourage them to support your next fundraiser.


Select a product such as coffee, magazines, or candles for your fundraiser since most people are likely to use them anyway so it is already included in their budget. This way your contributors can enjoy a high quality product and feel good about supporting local organizations at the same time.


For further information Cheap Kerryon Johnson Jersey , please contact Paul Jensen, President


The Fundraiser Coffee Company.



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Ronald Frank
Submitted 2018-07-21 03:47:19 Teenage smartphone problem is much worse than you could possibly imagine. Statistics shows that 55% of teens have given out personal information to someone they don鈥檛 know, which includes their photos Cheap Frank Ragnow Jersey , videos and other details.

It鈥檚 practically impossible to take away cell phones from teenagers. Installing a Cell Phone Spy app is the best option with which you can give them mobile phones without fear. Remember, tracking online actives of children is also a part of good parenting.

Here are five solid reasons to use Cell Phone Spy Apps;

Cyber Bullying:

Cyber bullying can have a lasting effect on your children. 15% of teens say they have been targets of online cruelty. It can be psychological torture for children. It鈥檚 found that 3 million kids per month are absent from school due to bullying. Parents often fail to find out the psychological implications of children which can be disastrous. The only way to prevent cyberbullying is to intervene with the online activities of your children.

Inappropriate Relationships:

Social networking sites are the platform to meet new people. Online predators are real, and they should be kept away from children. So Cheap Marvin Jones Jr Jersey , it鈥檚 important to find out the negative influence in your teen鈥檚 inner circle. With the right tracking system, you can quickly keep track of your child鈥檚 online activities. Children often fail to understand the dangers of having a friendly relationship with strangers.


Illegal race groups, gangs Cheap Darius Slay Jr Jersey , and secret clubs are abundant online. They have got the power to control young children to make them a part of their illicit activities. Since teenagers are desperate to fit in the cool category, they can quickly fall prey to this. Spy apps help parents to track such activities of children.

Dangerous Applications:

There are photo sharing apps, dating apps and numerous other applications that are really unfit for children. Using these applications at an early age can be harmful to kids in many ways. Some apps have hiding provision; parents cannot find these applications on the phone. But with a phone spy software Cheap Matthew Stafford Jersey , no application can be hidden.


Everything on the internet is not informative and educational. There are certain irrelevant content that can be harmful to teenagers. Monitoring the type of content your child browses is important for hisher safety. Web browsing history is often deleted, but spy apps help parents to track everything the child does on the internet. Be double sure about what your kid鈥檚 watch, read and do online.

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