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Questions to keep in mind before buying a top-loading washer:

September 6, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

If you are planning to buy a top-loading washing machine, the following are some of the points offered by Pick up Laundry service NYC, you should know.

What exactly is a top loader?

A top loader is a washing machine that is not filled from the front but from above. There are also dryers with this construction method.

Top-loading washing machines or washer-dryers are often used in launderettes or smaller households because of their slim design.

Also, a top loader usually has no field of view and is more space-saving than a standard device. It is particularly convenient that laundry can be added or removed at any time even after the starting process.

For whom is a top-loader suitable?

A top-loader is suitable for every household. Due to the space-saving design, the household appliance is often parked in narrow spaces.

Free space for a washing machine in a small space to find is not so easy. Especially if the space to the front must be free. That's why people who live in smaller apartments often have a top loader.

How much is a top loader?

At this point, it must be distinguished whether it is a Toplader washing machine or a Toplader Waschtrockner. The price range for both products is enormous. For a top-loading washing machine, the range can range from $ 250 to $ 1800.

What alternatives are there to a top loader?

The alternative to the top loader is the front loader, which is common in households.

With the front loader, the machine is filled with laundry at the front. In a window, you can watch the washing process. This design can be categorized in:

- Front loader - is free in the room.

- Mini washing machine - low energy consumption is often used in camping.

 Built-in washing machine - integrated into the furniture saves space.

Top loader washing machine and top loader washer dryer: Are these devices recommended and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

A top-loader is often found in American households. In Europe, washing machines and dryers that are filled from above are rarely seen.

Top loader devices are therefore beneficial for old people. Instead of having to bend or kneel, a top loader can be comfortably filled standing up.

Due to the slim design, these devices save space. For this reason, they are ideal for small spaces. Also, laundry can be added even after the start.

If you do not want to invest in the washing machine, the best and cheap option is to use Pick up Laundry service NYC.