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Questions to keep in mind before buying a tumble dryer:

September 10, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

The alternatives to a condenser dryer, both for one and one with heat pump, represent the exhaust air dryer, the clothesline and the drying rack.

The advantages of a condensation dryer compared to an exhaust air dryer are that this type of dryer does not need a special connection, since a simple socket is sufficient.

According to liox cleaners New York NY, in a vented dryer, a wall opening or an open window is required to be able to conduct the moisture through a hose to the outside. That would mean costs for the installation.


- Easy connection

- No additional costs

- Lower power consumption

- Time-saving

- More effective drying process

- Low purchase price

- Adjustable everywhere

- Fast drying

Although the purchase price of the exhaust air dryer is usually lower than that of the condenser dryer, the exhaust air dryer also has significantly higher power consumption.

Even if the condenser dryer is compared with the well-known clothes line and the drying rack, some advantages become apparent. Especially in the winter months drying the laundry with the condenser saves time, space, nerves and is also significantly more effective.

How long does a condensation dryer live?

Most suppliers advertise the condenser dryer with a lifespan of about 15 to 20 years. But you cannot predict that in a very general way.

Some factors, such as the power consumption, energy efficiency, but also how often you turn on the dryer in the week and how fully you do this play a crucial role in the service life.

Does a condenser leave moisture in the room?

It is often feared that a condenser dryer could threaten the dangers of mold or that the humidity in the room air is negatively affected.

Condenser, but only those without heat pump technology, can deliver a small amount of warm and moist air to the site. However, this does not threaten a mold danger - even when cooking often produces hotter and much humid air than a condensate dryer. Fears are therefore groundless.

Mainly condenser dry air, which usually raises the temperature in the room a little, but does not affect the humidity seriously

Choosing the right capacity?

A well-considered choice of the right clothes dryer saves money, because the device should have neither too small, nor too large a capacity.

Quite important principle suggested by liox cleaners New York NY: Buy the condenser dryer to match the size of your washing machine. Until a few years ago, the normal capacity was five kilograms, but the trend today is more like 7 to 8 kilograms.