LeapZipBlog: Aaron Smith's blog: Double A Copy Paper 70Gsm And Its Use in Different Industries

Double A Copy Paper 70Gsm And Its Use in Different Industries

September 11, 2019 by Aaron Smith  

Paper is known as an essential part of all official works. Gone that time, when people have to use same paper for printing and for paper work. Now there are different type of papers are being used for printing and for writing. There are a number of things to keep in mind while going to choose paper for different purpose. Some of them are for printing purpose and some others are need for writing. However, it needs to research perfectly which paper is important for which purpose.  IK yellow A4 Paper 70GSM is now trending in market and it will truly provide you a quality printing copy.

For paintings and digital pictures which require a soft look and good color range, the velvet paper would be ideal. However, since the surface of velvet paper is very fragile it is only suited for products which can be framed. Artistic travel brochures, book covers or pictures can be printed on rag paper, if you want the part painting part photo look. However, you should avoid using this paper if you product requires a dynamic color range.

For abstract work which does not require fine detailing, the water color paper is ideal. It is comparatively inexpensive and is therefore a good choice for those on a tight budget. The photo satin can be used if you want to showcase the fine details and a dynamic color range of your artwork. The sepia look goes very well with matte paper. In fact it is ideal for photographs, paintings or any other printed product which does not require gloss. Chamex Copy Paper A4 80GSMis also another quality paper that is being used in copiers and other qualitative work.

Brochures, cards, display sheets or any other product which requires a bright glossy look would require the glossy or semi gloss (if you want a combination of matte and gloss for a slightly subtle look) paper would be ideal. 75Gsm and 80 Gsm suppliers are doing tremendous job by providing quality paper for printing and writing purpose.

For the double A copy paper 70Gsm the matte poster board would work well. This paper is especially suited for display posters, cards and products which need to showcase extensive color detailing. Fine art textured paper is ideal for artists and photographers who want the look of handmade paper with great color saturation and durability.