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Why install a pool cleaner or cleaning robot?

September 12, 2019 by Glain max  


We are faced with the constant dilemma of wanting to find the easiest way to keep the water in the pool clean where we already share a note with small tips you can see it by clicking here: Chlorine tablets, a good option, another way without having to resort to spending too much time of our lives to get it. 

Given this, a possible solution would be to have a dolphin robot pool cleaner or electric pool cleaner to help us with this task without needing to be present.

Why install a pool cleaner or cleaning robot?

The owners of a pool know perfectly the effort involved in manually cleaning their pool. It is, without a doubt, an arduous and heavy work, which steals many hours of the well-deserved leisure and rest of the weekend, of the holidays and of the time that could be dedicated to the enjoyment of the swimming pool itself. 

Currently, in the market, there is a complete range of devices with different and varied features, operation, equipment and, obviously, with affordable prices for everyone.

What advantages does robot clean pools?

Hayward aquavac pool cleaner can be programmed: The pool cleaning robots have cycles or cleaning programs that make it possible to program for the moment we want and for the time that is required depending on the size of the pool or other aspects.

Hayward pool cleaner does not require a previous installation: They are connected to the mains and they carry a transformer that converts the energy from 220v to 24v depending on the model and brand of the robot.

Some have remote control: This advantage is one of those that provide greater comfort because they can be programmed so that they are directed to areas of the pool where there is more accumulated dirt.

They have one or two filters: These filters inside absorb waste during cleaning, this allows the pool to not absorb dirt and increase its life. Polaris robotic cleaner is one of the best pool cleaners.

They facilitate cleaning: Getting rid of all dirt faster than the manual method, since they have brushes, rollers or suction cups.
Also, they can not only clean the surface of the floor, but they can also clean up to 15m high pool walls. 

They save water: The pool does not need to be emptied or refilled to be clean because the robots reuse the water that is already inside the pool, processing it and transforming it into clean water. This also allows you not to have to readjust the PH or chlorine.

If you are looking for the maytronics robotic pool cleaner at the best prices, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.