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Best Real Estate Group Risland in Mumbai

September 12, 2019 by theiconthane  

Risland is a global large-scale real estate group headquartered in Hong Kong. It features a wide range of products and services including Residential Development, commercial real estate management, community management, urban municipal facilities support and industrial park development, etc. Risland entered Indian market in 2017 and has now entered Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore. By 2018, it has established a global layout in many countries such as the United States, New Zealand, Thailand, India, Vietnam, etc., and has brought innovative value to the architectural industry as well as the local community development to many cities to become a great companion and partner of urban development.


Risland is a young, energetic and enthusiastic international real estate company committed to provide thriving force for the community to make it become vigorous and vital. Oriented by the requirement of urban development, we continue to provide the market with diverse products that are ecological, innovatively intelligent, user-friendly, and with excellent quality. Through comprehensive community supporting facilities and services, we continued to bring glorious, joyful, comfortable and quality life to our customers, and made effort and contribution to city development as well as the improvement of residential environment.