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Best varicose veins treatment using laser technique

September 12, 2019 by floydferris  

In most cases, this disease affects women in particular. Despite this drug, there are known cases when varicose veins occur in men. The reason for the development of the disease is several factors. This can be a task, during which the female body performs double work, and the legs produce a heavy load, due to the increase in body mass. Varicose veins can also be hereditary and can disturb Diagram Of Leg Veins. If your mother, grandmother or aunt suffers from this disease, then you need to carefully monitor the health of the veins, as there is a high probability of this pathology occurring.


Leg Vein Treatment

It is noteworthy that this disease affects only the lower extremities. Certainly, in the field of human hands, we can also see some of the Vienna, which spread through the skin; however, in varicose veins it has no connection.

If you have found this disease, you need to start treatment as soon as possible. Otherwise, the disease will hit the new polls, veins and eventually it will get long run stage. Depending on how strongly involved in the process of blood vessels and veins, individual treatment method selection. Answer the question: "How to treat varicose veins?"

Conservative ways:

In the earliest stages of the disease a conservative method is selected. The patient is prescribed the administration of medicines in blood and strengthening the walls of blood vessels. Due to this fact, a woman ceases to complain of pain and weight in the lower limbs and can compare pain in Leg Veins Before And After.

Method of sclerotherapy

Another way to correct this is called sclerotherapy veins. The patient was injected with a special medicine into the vein, which is removed from a blood vessel and then glued to the wall. Such a method is only effective in the early stages for small subcutaneous veins and blood vessels.

Surgical mod

The phlebectomy method is quite outdated; however, they enjoy most state clinics. During the procedure, the patient is made several incisions on the foot, through which he has expanded the vein. After such manipulation, the woman must have enough time to recover and wear her underwear.

Laser Treatment For Varicose Veins

This correction method is one of the newest. There is no need for hospitalization for the procedure. Laser varicose veins can be treated in two ways:

Processing of the blood vessel through the skin

Recommended subcutaneous treatment

Depending on how severely affected the lower extremities of varicose veins, one method or another is chosen.

Laser varicose veins treatment is performed without anesthetics. The procedure is painless and lasts no more than twenty minutes. After that, the woman can return to normal.

How Much Is Laser Ablation

During the Laser Therapy For Varicose Veins, the patient is seated on the couch. The doctor notes the places you need to process and proceeds to manipulation. An apparatus sends magnetic waves from the vessel. The action of these rays warms the content of Vienna. For this reason, the agglomeration of advanced white blood cells of the vessel is produced, which subsequently sticks.

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