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Buy Your API 5L Seamless Pipe from Tycoon Piping

September 13, 2019 by oilandgaspiping  

If you are looking for API 5L Seamless Pipe, then Tycoon Piping is your solution. We are one of the leading API 5L Seamless Pipe manufacturer and supplier in India and worldwide. At Tycoon Piping, we have a full stock of API 5L Grade B Carbon Steel Pipe products in a variety of sizes to meet the basic piping necessities. Tycoon Piping offers high-quality API 5L Grade B carbon steel pipes and all materials are suitable for bending, for flanging, for welding, and for similar forming operations.

At Tycoon Piping, our API 5L Seamless Pipes are widely available and relatively affordable, making it a popular choice for very large projects such as pipelines. Tycoon Piping stocks and supplies a full range of API 5L Grade B Seamless Pipes and Welded Pipes. Tycoon Piping is a reputed distributor of API 5L Seamless pipes.

Seamless steel pipes shall not be confused with seamless tubes. Indeed, there are a few important differences between pipes and tubes, which are not only semantic. In general, the word “pipe” applies to any tubular used to convey fluids, whereas the word “tube” applies to tubular sections (of various shapes, round, oval, squared) used for structural/mechanical applications, instrumentation systems, and the construction of pressure equipment like boilers, heat exchangers, and super heaters.

Seamless Pipe Price

Seamless pipes have a higher price per ton than ERW pipes, generally 20 to 30% higher, due to their fairly complex production process (more articulated than the manufacturing process of ERW and LSAW pipes) and to due to the fact that the number of seamless pipe manufacturers is rather limited (the market has an oligopolistic nature).

For specific sizes and specifications (example a 20-inch pipe or a high wall thickness pipe in special or exotic materials, example API 5L X42 Pipe (PSL1/ PSL2), there are few global pipe suppliers and prices per ton (or per meter) are, as a consequence, impacted.

If you are considering API 5L Seamless Pipe for your next pipe project, please get in touch with us and request a quote. As a leading domestic and international API 5L Seamless Pipe supplier, we can provide you with the products you need and quickly ship your order to anywhere in the world. It is important for overseas packaging to be designed with ease of handling in mind, so as to make sure API 5L Seamless Pipes are treated with the utmost care at all times. Simply call us at +91-9892853715 and buy your API 5L Seamless Pipe.