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How to remove pen stains from clothes?

September 14, 2019 by mark wahlbarg  

Stains caused by the ink of a pen are very common and at the same time difficult to remove. An executive's shirt, a student's shirt or a teacher's shirt are his favorite victims, although no one is safe from these annoying pen stains. This is one of the stains which is very tough to remove at home and therefore so many women always use laundromat near me service since they are professional and they know very well how to remove it properly.

If you have in your closet any garment stained with pen ink that you have not been able to get rid of, read this article carefully in which we show you how to remove pen stains from clothes using different methods.

Steps to follow:

1. As with most stains, pen ink is best removed the more recent it is, so you must treat the garment as soon as possible. It is also necessary to know that ink stains should not be rubbed so that they do not spread across the clean part of the garment.

2. If you are lucky that the ink is still fresh, try to remove as much as possible with a cloth. If instead, the pen ink has already dried, moisten a cotton ball in water and try to remove the maximum amount.

3. After removing all possible ink with water, place a cloth under the stain and moisten it with alcohol or nail polish remover. With the help of another cloth, remove all the ink you can and repeat the process until the stain disappears.

4. If alcohol or nail polish remover does not make the stain disappear, you can try the same method with white vinegar or shaving cream.

5. If the stain persists, another very simple method is to soak the stain in a container with warm milk or lemon juice.

6. Once you have gotten rid of the pen stain you will only have to wash the garment as usual.

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