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What are the safety guidelines of the playground equipments?

September 14, 2019 by khuranareet  

We all love to buy the best looking playground equipments from the best playground equipments suppliers but we forget to know the guidelines for these equipments.

In this article we will discuss about the safety measures/guidelines of the outdoor playground equipments and they are as follows:-

1. Slide Safety Measures:-

·        Children should step one by one on the stairs and strongly hold the rail while climbing the ladder. Never climb up the sliding to go to the top of the equipment.

·        Children should always put their feet straight and forward and never put their head at the first place

·        One child should climb the ride at a time.

·        The bottom surface of the slide should always be checked so that the landing of the children is safe.

2. Swing Safety Measures:-

·        Swing should be made from the soft material such as plastic, rubber and not of the wood or the metal material

·        Only one person should be allowed to swing at a time.

·        Children sitting on the swing should keep safe distance from other children, so that none of the children is hurt.

·        Kids should never be allowed to stand or knee on the swing. They should always sit on the swing.

3. Seesaw safety Measures:-

·        Kids should face each other and never turn their backs

·        Children should firmly hold the handle of the seesaw and not touch the grass or the ground. Their feet should always be kept on the seesaw.

·        Never stand r play with a seesaw; children can get hurt from the sides of the seesaw.



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