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The Grade Of The Villa Elevator Determines The Price

September 16, 2019 by otsealex  

What factors will determine the price of the villa elevator? With the pursuit of modern people's quality of life, more and more villas have become the best choice for many people in the home life. Choose a comfortable living place, and the facilities inside should also meet the concept of comfort, convenience and intelligence. Installing a suitable Villa Elevator is the best choice. Next, the home elevator manufacturer and everyone will analyze the factors affecting the price of the home elevator.

Villa elevators are high-end customized products. Compared with ordinary household appliances, they are expensive, and they are naturally cautious when choosing. The same brand of villa elevators, size, number of floors, door opening methods, car size, and other aspects of personalization requirements are not the same, the price may vary from several thousand to several tens of thousands. The family installs the villa elevator. Before we understand the price, we first need to make a simple and basic understanding of the factors that determine the price of the product.

1. The grade of the villa elevator

Like the household appliances we buy at home, the quality of the villa elevators will be high, medium and low. Different grades of villa elevators are mainly reflected in the differences in materials, processes, performance, comfort, environmental protection, and durability of spare parts. In terms of the current large market environment, the quality of imported villa elevators is superior to domestic villa elevators in all respects.

2. Villa elevator drive system

The drive system of the villa elevator is like the engine of a car. It is the core component of an elevator and directly determines the performance and quality of a villa elevator. There are three types of drive systems for villa elevators: hydraulic, screw, and traction. We have introduced the advantages of the three drivers in the previous article. Interested friends can look at the previous article.

3. The shaft of the villa elevator

The hoistway is the space in which the car and the counterweight or (and) the hydraulic cylinder plunger move. This space is bounded by the bottom of the shaft pit, the hoistway wall and the top of the hoistway. Each brand of villa elevators will be divided into self-contained or non-hoistway depending on the model. There is a price difference in this. The elevators of professional platform elevator manufacturers will also be much more expensive than traditional car-type elevators, with prices ranging from 2 to 100,000 yuan.

4. The number of floors in the villa elevator

The price of the villa elevator, the more layers, the price will naturally increase accordingly. For each additional layer of different drive systems, the corresponding increase in cost is also different, and the price increases by about 0.5-1 million.

5. Personalized customization requirements for villa elevators

Like the sedan, the villa elevator comes standard and optional, including the car top pattern, the car wall style, the wood grain and color selection of the car wall and the car roof, the car interior armrests, the car interior control panel, the car door style, etc. Can be customized according to the customer's mind. If our personalization requirements are relatively high, the price will increase from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

6. Is the villa new or existing?

If it is an existing building, the cost of a custom villa elevator may be a bit higher. In order to make the villa elevator better integrated with the building, it is necessary to let the elevator contractor go to the site to determine the cost of renovation. Because of the different building structures, each building must be seen as an independent individual. The construction cost of the elevator is also different. This therefore directly affects the engineering cost of the elevator, which varies by several tens of thousands. If it is new, it can be controlled more freely in natural size. Whether it is new or existing, you must ask a professional elevator company (Jiangsu Jinzheng Elevator Co., Ltd.) to conduct on-site field survey.


What factors will determine the price of the villa elevator? The above is a simple analysis from six aspects and we hope to provide you with reference suggestions and help.