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Before higher lawyer- Different Roles, Different Specializes Names

September 16, 2019 by rrlegal  

• Criminal Lawyer: Specializes in criminal laws CrPC, IPC, Evidence Act and different other reformatory laws.

• Civil Litigation Lawyer: Specializes in common laws for example tax assessment laws, extract laws.

• Legal Analyst: Works for corporate firms or law offices and investigations laws relating to the circle of the organization and its activity.

• Document Drafting Lawyer: Specializes in drafting different records containing understandings, terms and conditions, case material, and so forth.

• Legal Journalist: Covers wrongdoing beats, lawful procedures in courts, assertion courts, global courts and intervention occasions.

• Legal Advisor: Offers consultancy to corporate firms in regards to their legitimate commitments, obligations, lawful relations with different firms.

• Government Lawyer: Works for the administration and in close coordination with the police.

• Judge: Offers judgment in the wake of directing the court procedures and hearing al the concerned gatherings.

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