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Cement Mixer Engine

September 17, 2019 by Amy  

The core component of the cement mixer is its engine. Today I will introduce the engine of the cement mixer of the China Coal Group. The cement mixer uses the Honda 389cc GX Series OHV commercial grade engine designed for the most demanding commercial applications. It sets the industry standard for reliability and durability. The overhead valve design provides cooler, more fuel-efficient operation and the cast iron liner provides longer life. GX is reliable, easy to start, and quiet. Meets EPA and CARB emission standards. This legendary engine has earned the reputation of the engine of choice for construction equipment. Supply Honda engine GX390 air-cooled 13HP displacement 389CC Cement Mixer Features: A: Ideal combustion chamber shape, excellent suction and exhaust effect, and OHV structure that greatly improves combustion efficiency. B: Professional speed stabilizer to reduce uneven operation caused by load changes. C: The hand pullback starter allows the women to start easily thanks to the pressure relief mechanism. D: Standard equipment for the transistor magnet ignition device, which exhibits stable ignition performance, low fuel consumption, low fuel consumption and good economy. E: The unique combustion power of the OHV structure is unique, resulting in low fuel consumption. F: The cooling air passage is improved to improve the cooling performance, thereby further reducing the fuel consumption. Low center of gravity design; low vibration. F: It adopts a thin hand-drawn recoil starter to achieve light weight and compactness, and fully exerts excellent assembly. G: OHV overhead valve reduces carbon accumulation, cylinder head check is simple, external transistorized ignition system does not need to touch H: Point inspection, simple equipment, high dust resistance, etc. make maintenance easier. Product Usage: The scope covers garden machinery, construction machinery, agricultural machinery products and other outdoor power equipment. Our cement mixers are equipped with such engines to provide sufficient power for the operation of the equipment. When choosing a cement mixer, the key depends on engine performance.