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Benefits of Recipe Management System (RMS)- FACTORYWORX

September 18, 2019 by FactoryWorx  

Benefits of Factoryworx Recipe Management:

1. Integration of Equipment and Process Management

As complexity and high process control increases in manufacturing, production process requires improved system of integration.  Continuous integration of automation control equipment is a must to provide exact prevention and control over the factory operation.

2. Centralized Management Improves Performance

FactoryWorx with its strong infrastructure provides a central management system for managing all equipments and their processes. With this centralized controller, engineers can view, direct, organize and accomplish process recipes from any PC in the factory.

3. Quality Control

While preparing a dish, there’s nothing worse than forgetting the recipe or missing out important ingredients. Quality control takes care of the recipe execution and help to you come out with the standard result.

4. Traceability: Scan to Consume

We offer you full traceability from raw ingredients to production with organized systems offering a full summary of the raw materials journey throughout the recipe.

The traceability engine scans to consume every process step based on different items or lots for all the production cycle from raw buying of raw materials to shipping of orders.

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