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Working principle of 800 mesh talc micro powder mill

September 19, 2019 by kuangshanposui  

Ultrafine Mill is an excellent equipment for the production of fine powder. It not only has the advantages of high productivity and low energy consumption, but also features energy-saving production. It is applied to talcum powder, marble powder, feldspar powder, dolomite powder, and gypsum. Powder and other powder processing, you can grind 325-3000 mesh powder, grinding 800 mesh talcum powder can use talcum powder equipment ultra-fine mill to achieve greater market value. We tailor the selection plan for our customers, develop a reasonable price of talc superfine grinding machine, and wholeheartedly create benefits for our customers' talc powder project.

We invest more R&D efforts to continuously upgrade our products and realize the structural adjustment of mill products to meet the production needs of different powder fields. It can be said that our mill equipment is rich in variety and various types, and it is an excellent choice of mill equipment for many powder projects. In the field of talcum powder, our recommended talc superfine mill equipment can produce fine powder. The fineness of powder can be adjusted between 325-3000 mesh. It is a talcum powder equipment that is designed for customers and always considers customers to create value as the core concept. Manufacturer.

Why the ultra-fine grinding machine can only process up to 3,000 objects, it is necessary to start from the working principle of the grinding equipment. The main part of the ultra-fine grinding machine consists of the main machine, the analysis machine, the fan, the bypass powder collector, and the raft type. Crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, storage silo and other components. When working, the crusher breaks up the material, and the hoist and the feeder lift and transport the material. In the ultra-fine mill, the grinding ring ring consisting of grinding disc grinding roller impacts, rolls, and grinds. The processing of the layer loop is turned into a powder, and the powder separator has corresponding requirements for screening for pass and fail.