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Operation and advantages of pool heat pumps

September 19, 2019 by Glain max  


The temperature of the pool water is usually an inconvenience that prevents us from using our work pool, but if you are looking for a solution to provide a good amount of degrees, you are in luck, the Pentair pool heater is the ideal solution.

What do heat pumps for swimming pools give us?

The main mission of k-star electric heater is to extend the bathing season in our pool, being able to use it in autumn and even in winter.

The water temperature of our pool can increase between 10 and 20 degrees if we need it, and all this, with energy efficiency greater than other methods for pool heating. This efficiency is around 80% taking into account the energy consumed and generated.

Also, most heat pumps for swimming pools on the market allow us to choose the temperature we want in the water, therefore, we can enjoy the water of our pool to our liking, a luxury.

What is the operation of heat pumps?

The premise of Pentair aboveground pool heater is simple, use the outside air to extract the caloric energy from it previously, to increase the temperature of our pool. Something like the operation of an air conditioner but in reverse and with water as the main element.

Although there are more and more heat pumps independent of the filtration system, the ideal is to integrate it into the latter to be able to take advantage of the flow of water that passes and heat it to gradually incorporate it into the pool.

The heat pump must be placed outside the filtration system and must always be used when the ambient temperature is greater than 5 degrees, otherwise, its efficiency will decrease markedly by not taking full advantage of the heat properties of the ambient air.

Other considerations about heat pumps:

To obtain optimum operation and the desired water temperature, the system will take between 2 and 5 days to perform the process correctly and thus obtain the desired water temperature. Also, to keep it working we must take into account that the pool filtration system must work continuously.

We will have to choose the power of the Pentair master temp heater according to the size of the pool, since the more water we need, the more power we will need to meet the objective, therefore we must look closely at the manufacturer's indications according to the pump model pool heat.