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Top 4 Restaurants To Check Out In Casablanca For A Memorable Gastronomic Experience

September 19, 2019 by Tanamecars  

With population more than five million, Casablanca is Morocco’s largest city & its economical capital. Casablanca possesses a rich history whose influences can be seen not just in the architecture, but in the gastronomy as well. Consider our car hire in Casablanca Morocco to check out any of these below listed restaurants.

La Bodega:

If you are looking for traditional Moroccan cuisine, La Bodega has to be the restaurant in Casablanca. Here you can also enjoy delicious Spanish foods in a lively fun setting accompanied by good music and dancing at night. The menu includes a wide range of classic steak, tapas and fish dishes, and Spanish specialties such as chorizo, manchego, paella, and jamón ibérico. Also they provide desserts such as crema Catalana, and an array of alcoholic beverages including cocktails, beers, wines and aperitifs.

Le Relais de Paris:

Located in the famous La Corniche beach area, Le Relais de Paris is Casablanca’s retreat of French gastronomic delights. The restaurant gives guests a chance to relish appetizing French food while enjoying a scenic view of the sea. With a comfortable seating, enticing flavors and self-proclaimed refined style, this restaurant has a mixture of tradition & modern elegance to lure food lovers. As far as menu is concerned, you can find meat, fish and even spaghetti.

Restaurant du Port de Peche:

Restaurant du Port de Peche is your go to eatery in Casablanca, if you wish to savor the best of the copious seafood that Morocco has to offer. Large, clean and reasonably priced this restaurant is popular with both locals & tourists. Here you can enjoy a wide range of seafood including oysters, shrimp, calamari, huge platters of fried fish and seafood paella.

La Bavaroise:

Placed in a lovely setting with ambient lighting, light-toned wood, and craftily positioned plants, La Bavaroise is a wonderful setting to relish classic French cuisine. Here you can find a classic brasserie menu, including starters like oysters, foie gras and carpaccio, fresh sea food, poultry & pasta dishes, several quality cuts of beef, and an extensive dessert list.  As any excellent French eatery should have, it has a wonderful range of wine and spirits on offer. Advance booking is recommended!

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