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3D Laparoscopic Surgery in Bangalore

September 19, 2019 by AltiusHospital  

Altius Hospital is one of the India’s best leading centres with Gynaec Laparoscopic surgery, Infertility & Urogynaecology treatments. It is a 50 Bedded Hospital with High Tech State of the art speciality centre. Our Hospital is renowned as the Third Operation Theatre in the country and to have OR1 system first in Karnataka.


All the equipments and monitors are suspended from the ceiling by pendent and cables, Gas connections to the equipments run through the pendent. The advantage of pendent system is saving floor space and concealing all the cables and connections. Pendent with the equipments can be moved to 360 deg throughout in operation room. With OR1’s help, the entire control of Medical Devices, Lighting, Room, Cameras and Tele-conferencing from a Central Station inside or outside with the sterile area communication BUS system (SCB) functions can be monitored continuously & smoothly.





  • We are committed to the achievement and maintenance of excellence in education, research and healthcare for the benefit of humanity.
  • To enhance lives and preserve health by enabling access to a comprehensive, fully integrated network of the highest quality and most affordable care, delivered with kindness, integrity and respect.
  • Facilitate communities to access quality skilled Women Health Care.




Our vision reflects our desire to provide leading practice health care in a modern, well-equiped facility and ultramodern treatment at affordable cost.


Our Values


Quality: Altius Hospital is committed to the continuous evaluation and improvement of all processes related to delivering comprehensive medical treatment and superior patient care.


Integrity: Altius Hospital will ensure that Transparency among systems and physician practices will be maintained at all times.

: Altius Hospital will strive to foster teamwork, innovation, personal responsibility and trust in every aspect.


Dignity: Altius Hospital will always uphold patient dignity, safety and respect.


What is OR1?


Operation Room1 (OR1)


OR1 is the latest system for High Tech State of Art Laproscopic surgeries.


Features of Our OR1

  • World class operation theatre
  • Stainless Steel cladding of the wall and roof for maitaining absolute sterile atmosphere
  • Fibre Cart Flooring


Celing Panel (pendent System)


All the equipments and monitors are suspended from the ceiling by pendent and cables. Gas connections to the equipments run through the pendent. The advantage of pendent system is to save floor space and is concealed with the cables and connections. The Pendent equipments can be moved 360 deg (throughout the operation theatre. With OR1, it is now possible to control everything from Medical Devices, Lighting, Room, Cameras and tele-conferencing from a Central Station inside or outside from the sterile area with communication BUS system (SCB) and all the function can be monitored continuously/thoroughly.


Flat Screen Technology


For Non-Flickering clear image quality and effortless ergonomically optimized positioning.


Touch Screen Control


Control of all peripheral devices and cameras from only one monitor.


OT Table


Remote controlled C-Arm compatible OT Table with sliding movements and all the tilts.


Telemedicine and Teleconferencing


Facilities for Telemedicine and Simultaneous Audio-Video conferencing with the patient relatives and referral doctor.It is the first center in South India to install 3D laparoscopic camera system. The 3 D laparoscopy system at our center is from Karl Storz, Germany (FIRST ONE IN INDIA).


Why 3D laparoscopy system?


Benefits to patients

  • SafetyLess complications
  • Cost effectiveness
  • One day hospital stay
  • Less time for surgery


Benefits to surgeons

  • Depth perception
  • Precision
  • Accuracy
  • High resolution
  • Incredible 3D image thus reducing surgical & anaesthesia time


Technical information


The KARL STORZ 3D system increases the benefits of 3 dimensional imaging in endoscopy, where surgeons previously had to learn to work in the 2D world. 3D provides potential for increased surgical accuracy while suturing and cutting, and more importantly, identifying and locating vital anatomical structures. These benefits could also mean improvement in safety, precision, and speed of procedures, decrease the learning curve, and provide a valuable teaching/learning tool.


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