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Topplay examine every angle and plan accordingly

September 19, 2019 by contbc22  

Some of the most complex software being developed today is for the $100+ billion video game market. Not only are games attractive for consumers, but they also present a lucrative, high-visibility target for hackers. So, how secure is the video game industry — or rather, how much attention is being paid to security throughout the development process?

The gaming industry operates differently than other industries in that there is an inherent understanding that video game software will not only be attacked but that its security mechanisms in place will fail at some point. For instance, games will be pirated and there will be users who are determined to find a means by which to cheat. If flaws in the software exist, gamers will most certainly find them and manipulate them if for nothing else but curiosity or attention.

It is for this reason and this understanding on the part of the industry that Topplay game developers plan for what to do if an attack is successful—in other words, having an incident response in place from the start. For example, removing client control, locking down the software, encrypting memory and other strategies that firms should include in such plan to mitigate potential attacks. Contingency mechanisms around economic or social consequences (e.g., user or account bans) should also be in place in the event that these measures aren’t enough.