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How to Improve Your English Vocabulary for IELTS

September 19, 2019 by Meccademia  


When the dream to study abroad, live abroad or work abroad comes to your mind, IELTS is one of the most prime ladders to climb. Candidates from non-speaking English countries have to qualify the English proficiency test, best known as IELTS. It is valid in 140 countries and both the government and non-government organizations. IELTS exam consists of English speaking, listening and writing. The more you score the better chance you get to switch to an English speaking country. But the success of the test depends on two important aspects. Your excellent grammatical skills and vocabulary power. Below are some important tips by experts of the IELTS course in Dubai on building vocabulary power.

Read, Read and Read

The more you read the more words you collect in your mind. Try to be a good reader. Read books, novels, short stories, magazines and newspapers. You can subscribe to an English newspaper to read their daily dosage of news. Their notification will encourage you to read more. Reading is the best way to make your vocabulary stronger.

Watch English Programs

English programs are the best way to learn new words. You can able to know how they are using a new word and the common words they use. Keep a small diary and jot down the common words. BBC News, Discovery programs and Netflix are the best sources to improve your vocabulary power as well as listening skills.

Learn One or Two Words Daily

If your aim is to qualify IELTS, it is better to start your vocabulary collection from your school age. Make a routine to remember at least one word daily along with its synonyms and antonyms. If you remember one word daily, the monthly collection is around 90 new words because it includes both antonyms and synonyms. Maintain an excel sheet and save your new words in the sheet every day.

Download a Dictionary App

Today, everybody uses a smartphone. Gone are the days when students carried a hand dictionary. These days, the online digital dictionary has made things easy. Download an Oxford dictionary and look for new word meaning from it. While you are looking for a new word meaning, don't forget to press the speaker button of the dictionary to know how to correctly pronounce the word. During your speaking test, the examiner will also evaluate your pronunciation skill.

Play Some Word Games

Engage yourself in some word games. Encourage your group of friends to play a word game. It will be challenging and interesting. While playing games, you may learn new words without putting much effort. Games like crossword puzzles, scrabble, Boggle, Anagrams and Word Jumble are popular for enhancing word power.

Conversation in English

If you have joined an IELTS institute, the institute must be taking conversation classes. Conversation in English is one of the best ways to improve vocabulary power because one word could have more than one meaning. Conversation encourages to use one word in many different ways.

These are some top strategies to follow to improve vocabulary power. You can apply these tips to learn any language.