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Logo Packs as an Effective Marketing Move

September 19, 2019 by Alex Smith  

Today, companies have almost unlimited opportunities for market promotion. Contextual advertising, advertising on social networks, video hosting, SEO, outdoor advertising, television, radio, etc. But more than ever, marketers are anxious to draw attention to their advertising at minimal cost.

In this article, we will consider promotional products as an effective marketing tool.

According to studies by the Ad Specialty Institute (an American marketing and educational organization that provides services in the field of advertising branded products), it is difficult to find a more effective tool than advertising products when comparing the cost of one brand display. A brand show is defined as the moment when someone sees an ad. Each commercial when watching a movie on TV is one brand show.

According to the Institute's research, while advertisements on television and in magazines cost 1.8 cents per impression, advertising products cost on average 0.6 cents per impression. The cost of displaying a brand on social networks depends on various factors, such as the number of subscribers to the account, and the amount spent by the business on advertising services. Therefore, in some cases, the cost of one ad display on social networks or on the Internet may be less. However, it is noted that CPM costs - costs per thousand impressions - are growing, in 2012 they amounted to $ 3.17, and the forecast for 2017 is $ 6.64.

According to Nielsen, the Open Advertising Association of America and the Columbus Dispatch newspaper, you can see the comparative cost of 1000 brand impressions per dollar spent:

Incredibly, logo packages turned out to be the most effective tool and bring 1000 brand impressions per dollar, while billboards gain only 500. And this figure drops if you look at television, radio and magazines.

According to the American Ad Specialty Institute, promotional products have the same or even greater payback than other forms of advertising. Viewers can switch the channel during advertising or disregard your billboard, but they will not be able to ignore the logo on a friend’s t-shirt or brand name printed on a pen that they use every day at work.

So which promotional products are most beneficial? The Ad Specialty Institute determines the number of brand impressions that a product brings, multiplying the period of time during which the customer has the product by the number of people with whom the customer contacts each month using this promotional product. In the United States , logo packs are gaining the most impressions - almost 6,000! Thanks to the packages, thousands of people can see the brand, because they are used quite often, and even in crowded places. Also high in terms of the number of impressions of the brand are items that we use or put on daily: such as writing accessories, caps, jackets, calendars and t-shirts.

In addition to traditional advertising itself, advertising products increase the number of brand impressions due to other aspects:

If your company cannot afford a large advertising campaign, or you tried to achieve results with the help of banners, but you didn’t achieve it, promotional products may be what you need. As promotional items change hands and redistribute, as well as help create a good customer experience, they will definitely make people talk about your company. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of advertising, so give your customers the opportunity to talk about you using a personal promotional product that will definitely increase your brand recognition!