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Learn About the Ultimate Hungerbox World of Food.

September 19, 2019 by Reshmi Abhijith  

Hungerbox helps you to get the best meals from the top vendors of the corporate cafeteria from your fingertip. Here’s a one-stop guide on how to navigate your way around what is probably the nicest app available to make your life easier.

Here we have the complete guide to use Hungerbox:

Users of Hungerbox can view the fresh food menu provided by all enlisted food vendors at their corporate cafés, place orders and track preparation as well as delivery accurately and instantly. They can also provide ratings and feedback for each food items, which are used to assess and enhance the Food Vendor Partner Performance.

Hungerbox offers special features to the companies which integrated with the app, that they will be getting the admin access and they can track complete food order and delivery process including food consumption, orders, feedback, etc. in real-time.


Hungerbox reviews best for the payment methods because more than 65 different payment methods are integrated into the service offering including in-app purchases by an employee, payment via smart cards, m-wallets, self-serve kiosks at the cafés, etc. HungerBox uses latest technology advancements like IoT in its solution to seamlessly connect the vendor-side hardware (designed by HungerBox) and the corporate employees through digitalization of cafeterias.

 The HungerBox solution also provides features like ‘Personalised Recommendations’ to employees through its AI-driven technology, ‘Health Mode’ for health-conscious employees, ability to undertake group-ordering and orders from restaurants in the vicinity when corporate cafés are closed, etc.

The Key Features for the employees are:

  • View live menu

  •  Order food from the desk

  •  Personalised recommendations

  •  Health Tracker - Befit

  •  Express checkout

  •  Multiple Payment options

The Key Features for the vendors are:

  •  Live menu editing

  •  Order status updation

  •  NFC reading capability

  •  QR scanner

  •  Cash POS capability

The Key Features for the admin area:


  •  Customised reports

  •  Live dashboard

  •  Real-time reporting

  •  Invoice report structure

  •  100% policy adherence

  •  Cost centre wise bifurcation