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Understand the Requirement for ILR Tier 2 General Visa

September 20, 2019 by visa simple  

United Kingdom is one of the best places to stay and to settle in UK one has to submit an application for the indefinite leave to remain over there and one who is over there on Tier 2 General Visa can easily apply for ILR. Moving forward, Tier 2 General Visa UK holders require to have resided  in this nation for a qualifying period of approximately 5 years as well as they also need to fulfill some other requirements such as lowest annual salary porch along the suitable charge amongst other also. To apply for ILR under Tier 2 general category one must have to fulfill some application condition, citations as well as fee to put forward the application. And these (Tier 2 General Category Visa) conditions include some important things such as:

·         Candidate must meet the minimum revenue under present Tier 2 Sponsorship and they must fulfill the circumstances of meet the criteria stage of residence in United Kingdom for settlement.

·         One must have a deep knowledge of Language as well as way of living in UK and for the same; they need to present evidence of passing the life in UK test as well as possessing an English Qualification as a bare minimum Level of level B1.

One who lived in UK for five year under Tier 2 General Visa category can apply for ILR and in Tier 2 General Visa route there is also the mixture of a mixture of visa such as Tier 2 ( General ) Visa , Tier 2 ( Sportsperson ) Visa , Tier 1 ( Investor ) Migrant , Tier 2 ( Intra Company Transfer ) Visa and so on.

 One must be aware about that they cannot apply for ILR more than 28 days before completion of their 5 years period and if someone do that , it can be a reason for  their application refusal and there is no refund policy for the charges in such cases. In addition to it, in the case of earning Tier 2 General Visa holders are allowed to have a secondary employment but they cannot merge the wages for their main employment to assemble the minimum earning. But they can claim the earning for either of their sponsored job unconnectedly to meet the verge for ILR. In addition to this, one must have some documents such as verification letter from the sponsor stating about the job detail and documents to verify nonappearances along with cause within meet the criteria period. There must be pay scale as well as bank statement and so on.  These are some important thing or requirement for Indefinite Leave to Remain UK.