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How about the fertilizer manufacturing process?

September 20, 2019 by zzhuaqiang  

The fertilizer manufacturing process are designed for producing the organic fertilizer granulator or compound fertilizer granulator.In a complete fertilizer production line,many fertilizer machines are equipped in the line to make the fertilizer granulator.Like the fertilizer mixer machine,fertilizer crusher machine,and fertilizer granulator machine and so on.

In different type fertilizer production line,the fertilizer making process is also different.Taking the organic fertilizer manufacturing process to share more with you.How to make the fertilizer machines to make the fertilizer granulator?When producing the organic fertilizer granulator,we need to ferment the raw material firstly,and then using the fertilizer crusher machine to crush the big raw material.Sometimes,we also need to first crush the raw material and then fermenting.After that,using the fertilizer mixer machine to mix the raw material,in the organic fertilizer production line,we can choose the horizontal mixer machine to mix the raw material.When the fertilizer need to be made into granulator,we need to use the fertilizer granulator machine that we can choose the new type organic fertilizer or flat die granulator to make the organic fertilizer granulator.Producing the organic fertilizer granulator,we also still need to dry the granulator moisture to 20% using the drum dryer machine can get it.

Well,a complete fertilizer production line is around included theses process.Using the fertilizer manufacturing process to make the granulator not only improve the working efficient,it also improve the producing yield.As a professional fertilizer machine manufacturers not only can produce the high quality fertilzier machines,they also need to design the different type fertilizer machines and different type fertilizer production lines for different requirement of the customers.