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Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Market key Insights Based on Product Type, End-use and Regional Demand Till 2028

September 20, 2019 by Amanpreet  

The computer aided dispatch market remains highly consolidated with leading players accounting for nearly 60% of the market shares. These players are focusing their efforts towards new and innovative product launches to consolidate their position in the computer aided dispatch market. Leading companies are also banking on acquisitions and mergers to secure cutting-edge technology and integrate it with their existing systems. The primary objective behind this is to launch upgraded versions of their products, as computer aided dispatch systems continue to gain ground in the public transport, safety, reporting, and emergency services verticals. Some of the notable developments witnessed in the computer aided dispatch market have been listed below:

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  • Banking on the growing demand for technology in combating the increasing crime rate around the world, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure launched Integraph InSight in 2018, which collects data from computer aided dispatch services and presents a comprehensive analysis in the form of interactive dashboards and reports that will help governmental and other public safety industries in enhancing their operations and reducing response times substantially.

  • To capitalize on the growing penetration of computer aided dispatch systems in small and medium-sized businesses, Avtec Inc. launched a new line of products titled Scout Enterprise. The new range of products includes three variants which are focused on providing smaller dispatch centers a scalable and affordable IP-based radio dispatch solution which leverages the company’s proprietary Scout platform.

  • Motorola Solutions acquired Vigilant Solutions, the company which designed a unique solution for law enforcement units to check on license plates using its unique license plate readers. With the computer aided dispatch market booming with innovations, Motorola Solutions hopes to gain a competitive edge with the acquisition.

  • DoubleMap Inc. and Ride Systems LLC announced their merger into a single entity, Journey Holding Corp. which is estimated to be the largest provider of computer aided dispatch systems in the public transit industry. With the merger, the companies aim to capitalize on the growing penetration of computer aided dispatch systems in the public transport sectors.

  • Tyler Technologies Inc. acquired MicroPact Inc., a leading provider in the computer aided dispatch solutions for business and case management, for more than $180 million. The company expects to expand its reach in the computer aided dispatch market with the systems finding increasing applications in the business verticals.

Some of the leading players operating in the computer aided dispatch market include Central Square Technologies, Priority Dispatch Corp, Zetron, Inc., Southern Software, Inc., NowForce, Fdm Software, and Harris Systems USA, Inc.

Opportunities Imminent as Modernization of Emergency Services Gains Centerstage

The shortcomings in the current public safety and emergency dispatch services is prompting administrative authorities around the world to adopt sophisticated systems that could significantly lower response times and server people better. Emergency services struggle to effectively handle multiple requests which increase the likelihood of casualties, and the problem in retrieving the locations of callers is one of the key challenges facing the systems in operation. The new and improved computer aided dispatch systems allow public safety agencies to streamline their dispatch workflows by automating location detection, effective caller identification, and number identification.

The benefits offered by the modern computer aided dispatch systems enable emergency services to respond quickly and efficiently, which can potentially bring down the number of lives lost on account of preventable deaths. Administrative authorities are already shifting toward more integrated, enhanced CAD solutions in emergency services, with the US National Emergency Number Association announcing the NextGen 911 plan which proposes the enhancement of the current computer aided dispatch services across the country by 2023.

Integration of Analytics and Machine Learning into CAD Systems

Computer aided dispatch system manufacturers are directing their efforts towards integrating novel technologies to improve the efficiency of their systems. Advancements in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence are finding widespread applications in an assortment of verticals including computer aided dispatch systems. For instance, the development of audio analytics can aid operators in comprehending the situation a caller can be in. Audio analytics uses a deep learning algorithm to analyze the caller’s voice and return the probable stressful situation they might be in. A version of the system is being used in Copenhagen where the technology particularly analyzes callers’ voice to identify if they are suffering from a cardiac arrest. Analytics and machine learning algorithms are also being utilized for effective positioning of response officials and their dispatch during times of emergency.

Increasing Permeation of CAD in Cab Services

As competition in the landscape on-demand cab services intensifies, taxi service operators are leveraging the benefits offered by computer aided dispatch systems to boost both customer and driver satisfaction. Intelligent dispatch systems are enabling taxi service operators in obtaining real-time information of their resources. Further, CAD systems allow operators to manage orders and monitor dispatches aids them in streamlining their process to bolster profits. Research and development towards tailoring CAD systems specifically for cab services is further driving the growth of the computer aided dispatch market. For instance, a recent research is studying the prospect of designing a collaborative taxi dispatch system that allows negotiation between multiple taxi drivers for the dispatch of multiple vehicles for servicing customers in the same geographical region to increase customer satisfaction and reduce empty taxi cruising times.

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Scope of Application for CAD Systems to Widen With IoT Proliferation

Evolution of the Internet of Things continues to provide a robust infrastructure required for the expansion of computer aided dispatch market. Increasing connectivity between objects has enabled effective monitoring, detection, and management of resources and human life. Multiple studies are being conducted to research the prospects of leveraging growth in connectivity for development of enhanced computer aided dispatch systems. For instance, drones can be combined with computer aided dispatch systems and serve a multitude of purposes, such as surveillance of areas under fire, faster dispatch of medical equipment in critical cases, and providing real-time feed during hostage situations for quick and efficient dispatch of security forces.

Further, developments in IoT coupled with advancements in wearable technology is expected to boost computer aided dispatch developments, with these combined systems enabling operators to precisely locate people, and allowing consumers to use features such as text to voice to contact public safety agencies. The combination of technologies can automatically contact agencies in case the person wearing it is under distress.


Computer aided dispatch systems are a combination of hardware and software that is leveraged to dispatch couriers, cabs, technicians, vehicles, or emergency services. The system either uses a mobile data terminal to transmit messages or retrieves or stores data pertaining to calls, radio logs, interviews, schedules etc.

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Market Segmentation

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On the basis of the industry, the computer aided dispatch market can be segmented into transportation, government, healthcare, and utilities.

Based on the organization type, the computer aided dispatch market can be segmented into large enterprises and small & medium enterprises.

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