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How can the wear resistance of the grinding roll of activated carbon micro-grinding be improved?

September 23, 2019 by xiaoxuanxuan  

There are many ways to process materials by ultrafine mill. The motor of micro-grinding is a complete set of equipment. Through the rotation of belt, the bearing with belt pulley and pinion will transfer the transmission force to the reducer. Then, through the shaft of small and medium gears and big gears in the reducer, the big gears are equipped with coupling at the end, and the power is transmitted through coupling. To the spindle, the spindle drives the plum blossom rack to rotate. At present, the development prospect of activated carbon market is more and more extensive, and the use of micro-grinding will be more and more. Micro-grinding is a suitable equipment for the processing of activated carbon. It has an effect on the production of environmental protection. After years of grinding experience, SBM has improved a new level of equipment innovation, fineness and output. Secondly, there is the problem of grinding roller ash, which is also a headache for many users. Only the roller assembly will not ash. This problem can be solved only by replacing the assembly. The micro-grinding roller grinding ring can also be used to protect the grinder barrel from the direct impact and friction of the grinded materials and materials, and avoid the loss. In the process of production, micro-grinding manufacturers need to select good materials, new casting process for production, and enhancing wear resistance is the main key. In addition, users need to add lubricants to make their rotation more flexible. The micro-grinding produced by SBM will develop more rapidly in the domestic investment industry in the future, showing a greater increase. Better equipment will adapt to the development of the times, new ultra-fine grinding opportunities appear, new technology enterprises will win the respect of the market, win the trust of customers.