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Predictive Analytics through Artificial Intelligence

September 24, 2019 by FactoryWorx  

Technology, through automation and predictive analytics through artificial intelligence, is definitely one of the most disruptive sources. Artificial Intelligence will impact every industry on Earth, including manufacturing, agriculture, health care, and more with its predictive asset management, digital twin, autonomous operators, etc.

Digital Operator/ Digital Twin

This digital operator is:
  •  easily accessible,
  •  helps powerful analysis, 
  • resulting in fewer errors, less rework, 
  • sustainable operations,
  •  increases reliability and availability, 
  • improves production, and 
  • reduces cost.

Predictive Asset Management

  • It can keep track and monitor transactions, track recipies, subscription and recoveries.
  • Equipped with these features, you can detect asset behaviors with respect to their standard performances.
  • So whenever a risk occurs, the asset manager gets a notification.
  • Now he can notify the staff about the incorrect or risk activities to aware of.

Predictive Maintenance

  • FactoryWorx software with the help of AI and predictive maintenance maximizes your machines’ uptime
  • Sensors and Machine Learning helps in extracting more information from huge bulk of data.
  • Predictive maintenance ensures that your assets are performing at its peak.

Project Management

Benefits of AI based project management:
  • Jobs like passing on tasks, receiving status updates, sending alerts and notifications can be automated using chatbots.
  • AI can recognize errors before they happen and reduce failures.
  • With Analytics, we can predict actions and manage time, talent co-ordination, and priority control of the responsibilities that completes a project.
  • AI automates simple tasks and helps in development of new ideas, help complete bigger responsibilities and make in decision making.

Production Reporting

  • Creating of an annual report manually is always time consuming, complex and disorganized. In preparing a report with AI, robotic process automation relates the previous year’s report, maps with the current period and transfers it to the accounting system.
  • AI could help in producing reporting by pushing out notifications to unit owners. AI can also help in the efficiency of communications by using sentiment analysis to reflect how the report will be read. It also proposes alternate phrasing to better match organization’s objective.

Transportation Management

  • Integration of Artificial Intelligence into transportation has enhanced speed and safety of the vehicles.
  • AI does driver profiling and notifies the transportation manager if in case of any risk.
  • AI in transportation has made it possible for efficient communication, warehouse maintenance, robot employees, improved productivity levels, inventory processes, and employee income.
  • Transportation with AI is able to reduce vehicle repair cost and downtime .
  • Highway speed, fuel availability, status of goods in the trucks , etc all can be now tracked by the logistic manager only because of AI.

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