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September 27, 2019 by karry  

The New York Times pointed out that the average cost of an engagement ring is $4,000. Otherwise, the money may be used to pay for a down payment in a new home, travel experience, reduce student loans or pay for weddings. Therefore, it is necessary to reconsider whether the state symbol is worth exaggerating the price. Today's article shares some alternatives to wedding rings, not diamond rings.


Buy second-hand rings: You can easily get a big discount by buying a second-hand diamond ring. You can easily get discounts and enjoy a 20% to 40% discount on retail prices. There are several ways to get second-hand rings, such as auction sites, online classified ads, and indoor yard sales teams. Remember to require an identification certificate before purchasing. If the seller does not provide it, you can request an evaluation of the ring before purchase.


Pursuit of something other than diamonds: for example, you can choose Mosang, cubic zirconia and sapphire engagement rings. These diamond-looking diamonds are a perfect replacement for expensive diamond rings, especially for couples who have budget problems.


Buying lab-made diamonds: The famous Gudiance statement "The Perfect Blood Diamond Cover Story" covers the enormous pressure of natural diamonds. Diamonds created in the lab are not significantly different from natural diamonds, but prices are reduced by 50%.


All in all, if a wedding celebration carries a heavy debt burden, celebrating a new marriage can greatly defeat the good news of anyone. Remember, in essence, a diamond engagement ring is a marketing tool. Buying the right ring at the right cost is the smartest choice.


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