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Theme Based Apartments: Redefining Luxury Lifestyle in India

September 27, 2019 by radiusdevelopers  

Over the years, luxury living has received a significant amount of contemplation and appreciation. The advancement has been such that the recent times are dictating a dedicated theme based lifestyle.


The upsurge in the Indian realty sector has seen developers deploying multiple innovative methods to uplift the value of their properties. Further, it strengthens their position in the market and increases their brand equity. The slew of integrated theme-based townships has taken over the market also because the buyers have become choosy and conscious about their social status. Living in a prominent home with added amenities and premium look and feel uplifts their lifestyle standards.  


Premium Home Automation:


Homes integrated with technology are the real example of us living in the golden age of tech-development. Home automation, or generally known as smart homes, refers to any suit of devices or systems connected to a common network that can be independently controlled. It provides you with a seamless high tech- functionality and luxury that marks excellence in itself.


Smart homes have their own advantage where convenience is rated as the top factor. Being able to keep all the technology and functions connected through one interface is indeed acing in development and luxury. Though smart homes are not a new concept in India, the constant up-gradation of its premium features that offers indulgence, exclusivity, and refinement has made it popular amongst the discerning homeowners.


This future-ready and constantly updated concept of living defined the ultra-luxury lifestyle. Voice commands controlling the mood of living rooms or Bluetooth-powered fryers to the smart vacuums that can be operated in your absence—home automation though may not be new but indeed hasn’t become a common and easily accessible choice thus providing comfort, class, and connectivity that’s never experienced before. Virtual assistant, self-driven cars, and an entire IoT-led personal ecosystem have become the icons of ultimate luxury.


Last but not least; such smart homes are very promising for buyers looking for one-of-kind extravagance living. Since the giant market players are entering in the domain of home automation, there would certainly be a race to outdo the other. This means there will be better up-gradation, more options, and far more advanced setups for people to enjoy a thoroughly comfortable and luxury living. 


Locality and Neighborhood:


Livability quotient for the affluent class is defined with who lives next door. Having properties in Hughes Road or a Property in Bandra East or Juhu beach where you call popular celebrities your neighbor is certainly something that adds stars to your lifestyle. Locality plays a substantial role in shaping the luxurious lifestyle, for affluent customers are interested in residential investment in locations that offer discreet opulence far more the commonplace, especially Luxury Apartments in Mumbai that has become the hub of extravagant living.


A location that is coveted, pricey, and aspirational in every sense defines the norms of luxury living in India. The single units per floor concept have also garnered popularity because residents are overly cautious about their privacy. Thus developers target niche populace and maintain their brand value by rending premium houses in posh localities of the A-class cities. 


Exclusive Amenities Marking Lavishness:


Marvelous projects heighten their prominence by adding exclusive one-of-a-kind amenities. Apart from having a stylish architecture, spaces will be exemplified with tranquil surroundings consisting of lush green styled gardens. Massive arches, cut-stone facades, and railing for each apartment, and porticos exclusively designed by renowned architects promises nothing but unbeatable opulence.


For clients with exclusively refined taste in luxury, these houses are like a virtual sketch of their affinity. The NRIs or expatriates are often the active investors for this segment which also happens to be enormously selective when it comes to their personal living spaces. The conventional idea of luxury homes has taken a complete makeover today. Setting new standards of living has become the objective of developers to stay most relevant and modern in the market.


International theme-based homes have garnered a lot of attention.Sports like Golf seems to be increasingly adopted by the affluent class and thus has become one of the major offerings in the coming projects. Refining the art of luxury and giving a style spin, developers are coming with truly groundbreaking ideas for India’s real estate sector, some of them even being dependent upon individual tastes.


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