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What is a cushion engagement ring?

September 29, 2019 by karry  

Cushion engagement rings have been popular for over 100 years, making them an excellent choice for vintage-style engagement rings. Also known as a pincushion-cut diamond, it has a larger facet that increases its brilliance and highlights the clarity of the diamond. The combination of modern performance and antiques provided by cushion cutting has attracted many buyers. Although circular cut diamonds are generally less bright than round cut diamonds, cushion cut diamonds usually have a better sparkle, which is the charm.


Similar shapes result in people always comparing the mat cutting with the princess cutting ring. This is because the mat cuts and the princess cuts are roughly similar to squares, but the similarities stop here. The former has a soft luster, and some people liken it to soda or crushed ice. The latter usually has a brighter spark. Keep in mind that the quality of a gem depends to a large extent on its color and clarity.


Air-cushioned engagement rings have both advantages and disadvantages. Considering its soft, rounded edges, mat cutting is the perfect choice for more original designs. Believe me, if you want something more unique than a traditional circular cut or princess cut, then cushion cutting is a necessary choice. On the other hand, some people may notice that the pincer-cut gems look slightly smaller than the princess-cut and round-cut gems. Therefore, I strongly recommend that the illusion of choosing a slightly larger jewel to offset the smaller cut will be perfect.


In the 1920s, a new and improved cushion entered the market with a row of facets below the belt. However, whether the diamond is a standard cut or an improved cushion cut, it does not directly affect its aesthetics or performance.


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